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herb – Selects From The Upsetter Label vol 1

A jaunty fix of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, some lovely vinyl mixed just for you.

Lee Perry – I Am The Upsetter
Lee Perry – People Funny Boy
Sir Lord Comic & The Upsetters – Bronco
Glen Adams & The Upsetters – X-Ray Vision
The Stingers – Forward Up
Slim Smith – What A Situation
Lee Perry – What A Botheration
The Mellotones – Uncle Charlie
Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Run For Cover
The Silvertones – Finger Mash
The Upsetters – Handy Cap
Judge Winchester – Public Jestering
Leo Graham – Doctor Demand
The Upsetters – Medical Operation
The Upsetters – Night Doctor
Lee Perry – You Crummy
The Upsetters – Ten To Twelve
Gladdy, Val & The Upsetters – Prove It Version
Roland Alphonso & The Upsetters – Roll On
The Upsetters – One Punch
The Upsetters – Judas De White Belly Rat
Jimmy & Glen – Hypocrites

herb – selects from the Upsetter label vol 1

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Jaw A Drop, a lil ditty about the legend that is Floydcide

Showcase recording from Bedfordshire based Sirota & Co-written by The Roots Soul Jah

Once upon a time there was a dreadlock rasta from Luton called Floydcide. Now Floydcide was a sleepy man, a workin man and a kind man but a sleepy fecker all the same, everywhere Floydcide would go from house to party from party to house he would fall asleep, leavin dem tunes a spinnin, this is a dedication from Sirota and Roots Soul Jah to Floydcide – JAW A DROP! recorded 08′

Bemjamin Sirota – Jaw A Drop (DJ Floydcide)

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Its F.A.B Virgil

24 Spankin FAB 7inch tunes picked n mixed for your pleasure

Prince Buster – All My Loving – FAB35B
Prince Buster – Glory Of Love – FAB36A
Busters All Stars – 127 Orange Street – FAB40B
The Tennors – Ride Your Donkey – FAB52B
The Tennors – Copy Your Donkey – FAB50A
Prince Buster – Lets Go To The Dance – FAB18B
Prince Buster – Kings Of Old – FAB31A
Jah Fender – Baby Version – FAB162A
Maximum Band – Hold Me Tight – FAB51B
Ken Boothe – Cant You See – FAB63B
The Clarendonians – Dont Please – FAB103B
Rudies & Fanatics – Mighty Meat – FAB71A
Fruit Gums – Sweet Pork – FAB138A
Prince Buster – Django Fever – FAB94B
Prince Buster – Bull Buck – FAB118A
Jah Fender – Sweet P – FAB164A
Ansell Collins – Smooth – FAB176B
Cliff & The Organisers – Mr Brown – FAB164B
Fritzroy D. Long & Buster’s All Stars – Got A New Girl – FAB32A
Glen Brown & Hopeton Lewis – Live Like A King – FAB43B
Rudies & Fanatics – Go – FAB71B
Prince Buster – Julie On My Mind – FAB26B
Prince Buster – Rough Rider – FAB40A
Great Aces – Rock My Soul – FAB200B
Prince Buster – Try A Little Tenderness – FAB35A

herb – FAB Mix
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Whoop Whoop Post 2 :)

2nd post & a mix instead of a tune this time, its a 2 hour Lee Perry extravaganza i recorded for the BluntBeats crew a lil while ago.

Lee Perry For President

Track Listing

Lee Perry – I Am The Upsetter [Amalgamated AMG808]
Lee Perry – People Funny Boy [Doctor Bird DB 1146]
Lee Perry – You Crummy [Trojan TR629]
Mellotones – Nonesuch Busted Me Bet [Upset WIRL LP3952]
Upsetter All Stars – Handy Cap [Trojan TR616]
Judge Winchester – Public Jestering [Black Art TSLWB1415]
Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Rude Walking [Blank 10″ Dubplate]
Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Run For Cover [Wirl WIRL 1972]
Ansell Collins & Upsetters – Night Doctor [Upsetter FLP 7778]
Lee Perry – Sipreano [Upsetter DYNA LP1545]
Lee Perry & The Soulettes – Doctor Dick [Island WI292]
Charlie Ace & Lee Perry – Cow Thief Skank [Upsetter US398A]
The Upsetters – Black Panta [Upsetter 10″]
Upsetters – Bucky Skank [Downtown DT513]
Upsetters – Bathroom Skank [Justice League DTLP101]
Leo Graham – Doctor Demand[Upsetter FLP 118]
Upsetters – Black Bat [Upsetter FLP 119]
Leo Graham – Black Candle [Upsetter FN7969]
Leo Graham – Big Tongue Buster (Not Leo Graham, is Prince Jazzbo)[Upsetter RRSLP2492]
Burt Walters – Honey Love [Trojan TR636A]
Burt Walters – Evol Yenoh [Blank WIRLLP3959]
Junior Byles – Mumbling & Grumbling [Black Art TSLWB1408]
Inspirations – Tighten Up [Trojan TR613A]
Sir Lord Comic – Django Shoots First [Upsetter FLP7436]
U Roy – Stick Together [Blank]
Jimmy & Glen – Hypocrites [Upsetter RRSLP5086]
Jimmy & Glen – Nine Finger Jerry Lewis [Upsetter RRSLP5087]
Prince Django – Hot Tip [Upsetter SCR27]
Anthony ‘Sangie’ Davis & Lee Perry – Words [Black Art 12″LEE PERRY 2051]
Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon [Upsetter DSRLP4750]
Maxie, Niney & Scratch – Babylon Burning [Upsetter US386]
U-Roy & The Children – Yama Khy [Perries RRSVP4338]
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Small Axe [Upsetter DYNALP3921]
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Duppy Conqueror [Upsetter DYNAUPSETTER 2110]
Upsetters – Freak Out Skank [Upsetter FLP 7572B]
Upsetters – Jungle Lion [Upsetter FLP7572A]
Devon Irons & Dr. Alimentado – Vampire [Black Art LEEPERRY 2052]
Devon Irons – Vampire [Orchid ORC709A]

Lee Perry 4 President
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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to herbsman.me.uk . This is my first post.

A remix i made & had pressed onto vinyl.

The Wailers – Alucard (herbsmix) mp3

The Wailers – Alucard (herbsmix)

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