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Junior Byles Mixup

Junior Byles Mixup, 28 deadly cuts covering mostly the 1970-1976 period when Kerrie Byles Jr’s voice was at its sweetest, produced by some of the biggest names in reggae (Joe Gibbs & Errol T, Leroy Hollet & Dudley Swaby aswell as Lee Perry to name a few). Turn the bass up & relax with a fattie for the next 77 minutes.

A Matter Of Time
King Of Babylon
Poor Chubby
Live As One
(Festival) Da Da
Rasta No Pickpocket
Heart and Soul
Beat Down Babylon
Informer Men
The Long Way
Curley Locks
The Thanks We Get
Place Called Africa
Pitchy Patchy
Pretty Fe True
King Size Mumble
Pharoah Hiding
When Will Better Come
Cutting Razor
Auntie Lulu
Fade Away
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
Lorna Banana
Now Generation
Are You Leading Me On
Fun And Games
Motion Dub

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herb Mixes Up Junior Byles

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